Roofing Consulting Services include the following:

  • Forensics
  • Litigation/Investigation
  • Specifying Roofing and Waterproofing Systems  (Masterspec Program)
  • CAD Construction Details (Roof CAD)
  • CAD Roof Drawings (Roof CAD
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  • Quality Assurance Inspections (RIEI)
  • Detail Analysis / Assessment (with Photos)

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  • Monitoring
  • Moisture Testing (Tramex - Non-destructive & Delmhorst - Destructive)
  • Photographing (Digital)
  • Report Writing
  • Visual Non-Destructive Analysis
  • Destructive Analysis
  • Foam Compression Testing (Com-Ten Foam Compression Tester FCF0400)
  • Comprehensive Data Base System (Digital Facilities Roof Pro)
    • Roof Inventory
    • Warranty Tracking
    • Work History Tracking
    • Budget Forecasting
    • Leak History Tracking
    • Cost Tracking
    • Data Tracking

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With the vast experience in the application of roofing systems and the extensive education in the industry, WRECORP has the ability to investigate industry defects and provide valuable service in litigation cases.

By providing proper design and specifications, WRECORP is enabled to properly monitor new roofing installations for specification and design compliance.  Thus, from a job’s conceptual phase, WRECORP possesses knowledge that will provide assistance to the client during the pre-bid, bidding, contract award, contract monitoring, punch-listing and final sign-off phases and acts to increase a common understanding of the roofing system installation with client’s personnel, architects, engineers and contractors alike.  This information exchange ability alone precludes costly rework because of misinterpretation of specifications. For existing roofing systems, WRECORP again is able to maintain budgets via experience credentials, latest technology awareness, up-to-date inspection and detection equipment, materials compatibility understanding, warranty exposure, and the use of the latest computer programs to achieve near and long-term cost analyses, budgets and provide prudent management options.  Also, should the client require their own personnel to perform preventative maintenance on their roofing systems, WRECORP is capable of setting up PM programs and instructing personnel formally how to implement these programs.